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Twilight Glow: Hand-Poured Tea Lights Set in Your Preferred Fragrance



A Symphony of Scents: Explore Variety in Our Candle Set

Light Up Your Life with Our Tea Light Candle Set!

Hold up, candle enthusiasts! We’ve got a tea light set that’s about to revolutionize your vibe. Imagine flickering flames, hand-poured magic, and a coconut wax blend that’s basically the VIP of waxes. These aren’t just candles; they’re a moment waiting to happen. Intrigued? Keep scrolling.

Brace yourself for candle perfection. Our tea lights are the result of a love affair between hand-poured craftsmanship and a coconut wax blend that’s smoother than your favorite latte. But here’s where it gets exciting—you’re the director of this show. Choose your scent and let the aromatic adventure begin. Bourbon Whispers, Raven Hue, or maybe Twilight Elegance? The world (well, your space) is your oyster.

Ready for an olfactory journey? These aren’t just scented candles; they’re desire in a tiny cup. Picture your space infused with the fragrance that speaks to your soul. Whether you’re craving a sultry floral garden, a cozy evening, or a burst of sage freshness, this tea light set is here to fulfill your scented dreams.

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Tea Light Collection Scents

Floral Cedar Vanilla, Geranium-Rum-Vetiver, Luscious Rose, Sage, Sugar Cookie

Tea Light Coll Scents 2

Floral Cedar Vanilla, Geranium Rum Vetiver, Luscious Rose, Sage, Sugar Cookie