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Lavender Enlightenment – Lavender Tea Lights


9 count clear cup tealights


Scented Tea Lights

Hand Poured Candles

Unwind with Lavender Magic!

Searching for relaxation and mystique? Look no further! Our Lavender Enlightenment Tea Lights, lovingly hand-poured, contain essential oils and are crafted from a luxurious coconut wax blend, are here to cast a spell on your senses.

Soothe Your Soul

Indulge in the calming embrace of lavender’s enchanting aroma. Let it sweep you away to a world of serenity and peace, where stress and worries simply fade away.

Create Your Zen Den

Transform any space into your personal sanctuary with the subtle, yet alluring, scent of our lavender tea lights. Set the mood for meditation, relaxation, or a mystical journey of self-discovery.

Ready to embark on this fragrant adventure? Take action now and bring home the magic of lavender tea lights today!

-Contains 9 count  scented tea light candles

-Clear cup tea light candles
-Coconut wax
-Tea lights are packaged in a clear box
-Dimensions: Diameter: 1.5″ Height: 0.75″
-Burn Time-4-5 hours

Scent Note Magic:

Start your day with a burst of energy as the zesty lemon, crisp apple, refreshing mint leaves, and soothing lavender combine to create a vibrant and invigorating aroma.

Floral Whispers

Take a leisurely stroll through a blooming garden with the delightful scents of Hungarian lilac, delicate mimosa, elegant Lily of the Valley, and the sweet embrace of heliotrope florets. Let these floral notes transport you to a serene oasis of blossoms.

Serenade of Scents

Embrace the serenity as you’re enveloped by the rich and grounding scents of blond woods, the deep and warm notes of balsamic resin, and the subtle yet enduring white musk. Allow this aromatic blend to fill your space with an enchanting sense of calm and comfort.

Unleash the symphony of fragrances in every corner of your space, creating a harmonious ambiance that soothes and rejuvenates your spirit.

Contains essential oils