Home Fragrance Handbook-What Do Sunflowers Smell Like?

Home Fragrance Handbook: Do Sunflowers Smell as Good as They Look?

Sunflowers are usually termed happy flowers due to their vibrant, bright, and eye-catching colors. But what does it say about their smell? Are they as good as they look? 

In this fragrance handbook, we will unleash everything you need to know about sunflowers, how they get harvested, why we cultivate them, and what they smell like. Plus, at the end of this handbook, you will know what to expect when you bring sunflower-scented candles to your home.

What is a sunflower and where does it come from?

Sunflowers have over 70 species; however, the most common sunflower is known as Helianthus annuus. This herb is often termed an annual herb that is the inhabitant of North and South America. It has a rough hairy stem with high and broad leaves stretching about 3-12 inches. The petal-like ray flowers are yellow in color, while the disk flowers bloom with yellow, brown, and/or purple colors. The fruit is typically a single seed known as achene.

The leaves of the sunflowers are usually used as fodder, and the yellow color is used to create myriads of dyes. The sunflower oil is extracted directly from the sunflower seeds. This oil is then used in making several sunflower-scented products such as sunflower-scented candles and cosmetics. 

One can either use chemical solvents to extract that sweet sunflower oil, or one can use physical means to extract that liquid. For instance, you can squeeze the oil directly from the seeds by crushing and compressing them.

Before the creation of sunflower-scented products, sunflowers were usually cultivated for their magnificent size, the gorgeousness of the flower heads, and their edible seeds but not for their fragrance. But now, they are being utilized to make various sunflower scented products because of their earthy and soft scent.

What Does a Sunflower Smell Like?

Now, the question that you have been waiting for. If you think that sunflowers might have a strong smell like a rose or jasmine, you’d be wrong. The sunflower oil is extracted from the seeds, not from the petals or blossoms so the smell of a sunflower is more like resin. Now, what is the scent of resin? The resin smell is barely noticeable, and it is mainly mixed with the scent of the growing green things.

Thus, the smell of the sunflower is kind of like outdoors and green things. The leaves, foliage, and blossoms have the same scent, and you can’t distinguish them based on their fragrance. In fact, there is no difference between the scent of the petals and leaves. So, why would you use sunflower scent in numerous products?

The aroma is more towards an earthy and powdery combination. This sweet combination is perfect to use in sunflower-scented candles and other products. Some people compare the scent of sunflowers to wood. But it’s more like when you step out in the garden full of fresh trees, leaves, and an earthy atmosphere. You can smell a sweet and vibrant combination in your aromatic space.

Sunflowers may not have a strong smell like a rose or a gardenia, but when these strong scents are blended with the subtle fragrance of sunflowers, you’ll experience something you’ve never experienced before.

Other Scents that Pair Well with Sunflower

As you can see, the scent of the sunflower is quite unique. From smelling like wood to encapsulating the aroma of an entire garden, the sunflower scent can be paired up with a massive variety of scents.

The scent is very soft and it can be paired up with some bright undertones to give its scent a push. The sunflower oil blends well with myriads of other essential oils such as mandarin, Amyris, carrot, lime blossom, etc. Other than the essential oils, it can be mixed with a tinge of vanilla and citrus to let the sunflower scent pop.  These kinds of blends can jog up your memory and you’ll find yourself in places you’ve never been before. These are just a few pair-ups of the sunflower scent, but once you explore it a little, you’ll see plentiful aromas that pair perfectly well with sunflowers.

Sunflower Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love candles? Imagine combining this earthy scent with a touch of other exotic fragrances and placing them into a candle. Heavenly. Sunflower scented candles add an extra appeal to your home. If you want a western touch to your home, having a sunflower-scented candle can broaden your paradigm of contemporary.

An example of a sunflower-scented candle is the one that has a bittersweet touch of honey with the earthy highlights of sunflower scent. This beautiful amalgamation of the scents can breathe life into your home space and make it a lot more magical. This kind of mid-summer fragrance is what your home needs.

If you want your living room or any other area of your home to smell like a fresh garden, go with the candle with sunflower scent as the base but the highlights of rose and jasmine scents. Once you glow up this scented candle, you’ll feel like you’re amidst a beautiful and tranquilizing garden, cornered by a range of fresh flowers that have just bloomed and blossomed. Now, who doesn’t want that?

There are myriads of other sunflower-scented candles out there that can add that extra charm to your house.

Final Takeaways

Everybody knows about sunflowers and how they are the perfect sight in the afternoon sun. The soothing yellow glow, the multi-colored disk in between, and the earthy scent, everything speaks for the beauty of the sunflowers. Blended with the right wispy and vibrant scented highlights, the soft fragrance of sunflowers does smell as good as they look. So, if one wants to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home, one must rummage through several pages and stores to find the best sunflower-scented candles out there. A subtle, soft, and earthy scent is what your house needs.