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wicked sawyer candles

We believe each of our candles creates a unique scent experience that can be shared with family and friends to create your own memorable moments.  Whether it’s a special dinner date with your partner, Friday family night watching movies, or enjoying a day off with the children, it’s important to capture each of those special moments that can be remembered and passed down from generation to generation.  So, start your memorable scent experiences today with one of our highly scented and long-lasting candles.

Wicked Sawyer Candles CEO

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Before I created Wicked Sawyer, I noticed that a candle scent would not last throughout the entire candle experience, or that the scent smelled cheap.  

Then one day I was tired of wasting my money on candles that did not deliver and vowed to make a candle line that would exceed standards of quality above all others.

I was concerned…

That the price point would be too expensive, because of the cost of expensive materials, might turn off candle buyers

But then I realized that family and friends enjoyed my candles and bragged how the scents lasted and the quality of the candle went above and beyond expectations of just an ordinary candle

I decided I would set out to create the highest quality candle for the savviest candle expert in the world.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

I studied and worked with different types of candle wax that would burn clean but did not deliver the results that I wanted. Candle scents would not last throughout the entire candle burn or smelled cheap.

So, after lengthy research and various failed attempts, I finally came upon suppliers that delivered what I was seeking to create the ultimate candle experience.

However, my fears…

set me back.  I was afraid no one would like my candles and after much thinking and soul searching, I finally started taking the first steps past my fears.

Through it all, I released our first products and the response has been sheer bliss.

Through the lessons I learned, I would not take anything back.  I have created a candle that not only exceeds expectations but also gives the customer a pleasurable experience that they can only get with Wicked Sawyer Candles.