Step into the realm where fragrance dances with the shadows and aesthetic meets allure. Our scented custom candles and tea lights beckon to the free-spirited, the mystic souls craving an otherworldly experience.


Crafting hand-poured coconut wax candles is my passion—an artisanal journey where every flickering flame tells a story. Infused with premium fragrances, each candle is a testament to creating moments: be it unwinding after a long day, setting the scene for a romantic evening, or diving into moments of tranquil meditation.

In my creative sanctuary, I blend artistry with aromatic alchemy, curating candles that transcend mere objects to become vessels of ambiance. Every pour is a meticulous process, ensuring each candle holds not just fragrance, but an essence—a blend of luxury, tranquility, and the warmth of crafted perfection.

Join me in illuminating your spaces with these radiant companions—crafted not just for aesthetics, but as an invitation to embrace the beauty of moments, whether they’re for serene contemplation or enchanting rendezvous.

Wren-Wicked Sawyer